hot dungeon ogre sex...roll for initiative!

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Anecdote (with Cusses) of the Moment
"this morning, while joking around with my girlfriend, i referred to my 'male implement' as a 'wand of fucking +2,' and proceeded to request that she make a saving throw against orgasm. she immediately lashed out at me, stating that if i ever attempted to mix our sex life and dungeons and dragons ever again, there'd be hell to pay - and not the kind of hell that you get to ever have sex with ever again."
Sometimes I am glad that I don't have to admit to ever, EVER having played an actual game of D+D. (via morecake)

Video of the Moment
Here's an environmental message video using that old chestnut of how a frog won't jump out of hot water if you heat it very slowly. Leaving aside the way that the actual metaphor for global warming would be that we should hop away from planet Earth, it makes me wonder...who was the sick S.o.B. who first noticed this little nugget of observed amphibian behavior wisdom? (Feh, actually, Snopes debunks this...a good rule of thumb is, if anything seems too cute to be true, check snopes.)

Incredibly Mundane Update of the Moment
To the Quote-O-Matic viewer I caved in (after having to hunt for the URL to use) and made a link to see the whole list of quotes on one giant page. Maybe it's kind of like giving away the store, but oh well.