pac-man fever. it's driving me, driving me, driving me crazy.

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Quote and Logo of the Moment
"I thought that one of the things women like to do is eat. So I started working on a game concept based on eating."
Toru Iwatari, inventor of Pac-Man
On a similar note, I thought that the image at the top of every page of the new New England Classic Gamers site was a bit tall, so I tried to doodle up my own version...

I didn't spend very long on it, but I guess it shows why I'm a developer and not a designer. Of course, at NECG, we emphasize Pac-Man's fondness of drink over that of food...this is the original version, and of course mine was meant as a replacement for (and borrowed from) this version...maybe I should've spent more time duplicating the shading...shading is one thing I've never been good at, but that one looks like it has a style that would be easy to emulate.