poo poo kitty farts

March 15, 2005
Usenet Funny of the Moment
> What is it with cat farts? They're enough to kill you
> if yer feelin' a bit fragile.

Dunno, but I unforget a friend's cat Drainpipe relaxing washing what would have been his balls being sniffed by one of their collies. Cat farted straight up dog's nostrils.
Dog spent half an hour rubbing its nose along the carpet, pawing at it and snotting everywhere.

We of course were in hysterics.

x(yz)enophi and Guy King in uk.rec.sheds
Incidentally, today's title comes from a nickname of one of the Blender of Love's pranksters.

Marketing Ramble of the Moment
I was listening to the radio the other day and they had a report on how the Ford Freestyle won some award or other, and is generally pretty popular car. The marketdroid said something very similar to the copy on this page; "Freestyle blends the aspirational looks of a sport utility vehicle, the versatility of a minivan and the confidence of an all-wheel-drive sedan."

The phrase that hit me was the "aspirational looks of an SUV". Putting aside the fact that this is the most "station-wagon-my-parents drove-to-pick-up-kid-for-Sunday-School"-looking thing I've seen on the road lately, I guess I'm surrounded by people for whom SUVs are an object of derision, not of aspiration. (Though with my general sour-grapes grass-ain't-greener outlook on life, I probably have a poorer sense of "aspiring" to things than most people.)

Of course, this is the same company which name their entry-level subcompact the "Ford Aspire"...maybe I'm just an arrogant S.O.B. who doesn't realize how lucky he is to have bought two (admittedly entry level) new cars in a row, but all I can think of is "...because you aspire to owning a much better car".

Apropos of not too much, I see my car's carmaker Scion is looking to fund a record label, not for making money, just to keep up its street cred. One of the Scion-branded Mix CDs I got was great (and actually probably did a fair amount to subconsciously influence my decision..it definately got me thinking about the brand) though the earlier one I begged off of Evil B. was terrible.