three thoughts

For email that it has picked up as spam, Gmail will keep it for 30 days and then delete it. So the size of that "virtual folder" shows you how much spam you received...the total used to be about 14,000 or so, about 450 a day, but it's been dropping fairly steadily...currently to the mid-8,000s. I wasn't expecting that. Though if I redirect my old Computer Science Tufts account, the one that is awash in Spam from years of Usenet posting, to Gmail I'm sure the total would go way up.
Shameful admission: when I first read this boingboing post about the trouble in Kyrgyzstan I had to double check to make sure it wasn't one of those made up countries made to trip people up, like when Spy Magazine asked American Politicians "What are you going to do about the ethnic-cleansing in Freedonia?", the fictional country from the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup". Maybe sometime I should see if I could ebay some old Spy...that was a great magazine, the epitome of snark.
In the comments for Wednesday's Entry, FdS rightly chided me for painting a simplistic idea of religion, that great theologians have a terrific sense of "mystery". And the picture is more complex on both sides, religion and science, than I described there. Actually, I think one the main problems for me is the assumptions of inerrency that the Abrahamic faiths have. I love science's built-in correction mechanism (And also, that whole "unfathomable mystery" thing seems like a bit of a cop-out...we should at least give it the old college try.)