it's a dogs life

So, I got to thinking about dogs a I know a dog peeing on a post after a good hearty sniff is him "marking his territory"...but is it more like "haha, now I own this post" or more like "hi guys, I'm one of the dogs running around here too"? What can a dog's sensitive nose tell from a sniff? "Damn, better be careful, that smells like a big mean dog?" "Hey, George is around here somewhere!" or even "Dang...what's George been eating lately?" And is it just a boy dog thing or are girl dogs into it too, even if they're more vertical than horizontal about it?

Also, is a friendly dog, the kind that wags its tail amost hopefully to strangers as they walk past, the result more of nature or nurture?

Enquiring minds, etc...

Lyrics of the Moment
She came from Greece
She had a thirst for knowledge
She studied sculpture at St. Martin's college
That's where I...caught her eye

She told me that her dad was loaded
I said, "In that case, I'll have Rum and Coca-Cola"
She said, "Fine."
And in thirty seconds time, she said,

"I want to live like common people
 I want to do whatever common people do
 I want to sleep with common people
 I want to sleep with common people
 Like you."

Well, what else could I do?
I said, "I'll see what I can do."

"Common People", in my case off of William Shatner and Ben Fold's album Has Been.
Got it from Amazon yesterday (for some reason I bundled it with the just released DVD of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead so it was held up.) It's a very decent album. One other great track is a kind of dueling rant with Shatner and Henry Rollins, "I CAN'T GET BEHIND THAT!"

Link of the Moment
Back after a terrible slashdotting, the guidebook is a really cool sampler from most of the important GUIs from the 80s onward. Slashdot featured the icon gallery but stuff like a page of splashscreens is surprisingly interesting to the graphically minded, watching, the screens evolve over several generations. (The old Windows 3.1 startup screen really brought me back to college days...and I always thought the Windows 95 "It is now safe to turn off your computer" orange-on-black text was an oddly halloweenish choice.)

Geek Note of the Moment
Mentioning this for my own future reference as well as for any Java developer geeks out there...I hadn't previously heard of P6Spy (and I still don't know why it's called that) but it seems like a pretty nifty way of seeing the actual SQL your application is relying on...especially useful if you're relying on auto-generated SQL ala Entity EJBs. (God help your soul in that case anyway.) It wraps around whatever jdbc connection-driver you're using, and logs thing as they zoom on by...nifty.