stupid bots

April 18, 2005
Dang it, some retarded script has been through here adding two empty comments to a lot of the recent entries. Probably some message board spam bot or something, maybe the homebrew nature of my site saved me from a ton of harder to delete messages... Update: fixed. Looks like they didn't go further than "past two weeks".

Other note, people who might not have checked over the weekend, there's some good comments in yesterday's entry on changing cities...given the geographical diversity I might have a bit of here, I'd love to hear some more thoughts on what it means to change location in a major way...

Story of the Moment
Cory Doctrow has a cool new story, i, robot...kind of a literary mashup of Asimov's 3-laws Robot stories, "1984", traditional cyberpunk, post-singularity, and cop noir. Good stuff.

Cute Girlfriendism of the Moment
Arlington had a Patriot's Day Parade today. I thought it was kind of endearing that Ksenia thought it was just some dumb thing for the football team at first. And it was interesting that she said she likes "this" kind of it turns out, as opposed to something with a lot military fluff and nonsense like they had sometimes in Russia (especially in a big town like Moscow, I'd wager.) I guess drummers and fifers in goofy colonial outfits and little league teams are a lot better than tanks and soldiers!