plane jane

May 7, 2005
Dream Quote of the Moment
You could put nature on the back of those planes that never needs to land for refueling, and raise a child there. That child would learn to live with a stricter set of rules than one raised on earth.
An aside from a dream I had this morning.

Videos of the Moment
More of the best (in my opinion) of big boy...Air Force Academy student films his wacky dancin' roommate (who seems pretty good spirited about the whole thing.) His dancing kind of reminds me of that old guy in the Six Flags commercial. Also interesting, the Elephant in the Restaurant reminds me of the old "Bull in a China Shop" metaphor, and View from inside an F18 has some good music, but it goes on for a bit. And why are those things always shot facing the pilot? I'd like to see something closer to the pilot's POV for a change.