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May 18, 2005
Site Features of the Moment
So seeing Scientific American's "50, 100, 150 Years Ago" feature gave me an idea...having journaled regularly for the past 8 years and daily for over half of that, it makes sense for me to make a new feature:

retrospect -- this day in kirkstory

On a single page, I put this date's kisrael entries for 2001 'til the present in reverse chronological order, then I follow it with any KHftCEA entries (my old Palm-based journal) that are labeled with the date. (None for today, alas, though click on the arrow for tomorrow.) I started the Palm journal in 1997, so some of the stuff is really old.

I don't know if it will mean anything to anyone else, but some of the stuff the page comes up with is emotionally charged for me; just seeing how I've changed, what I've been much wittier I used to be. Sometimes I miss the old Palm journal, it was really spontaneous and casual in a way this site isn't...

Also I added the shot of the shore in Lynn from the other day to my desktop wallpaper page, along with a not-quite-as-pretty shot more horizontally, so it fits a monitor better. (I should have taken more images that day...actually I think the horizontal image suffers because I was trying to get a zoomed in shot of the island.)

Oh...btw, I'm pretty proud of the 16x16 icon I made with a shrunk-down version of the "Recycle" arrows. so yay for me!