"sith! sith!" "yeth?"

May 19, 2005
I'm going to see what might be the final Star Wars movie today! (And although, judging by the lack of comments, my retrospect tool didn't make much of an impression, it did tell me that it's 3 years to the day since I reported on watching "Episode 2".) Personally I do hope they do Episodes 7-9, if they're anything like some of the comics and novels set in that time it could be interesting. Maybe anticipation of what is generally regarded as a decent Star Wars flick is coloring my memory of the past two...they definitely had their problems but I don't think they deserve to be as reviled as they are. On the other hand, R2D2 with booster jets is just frickin' retarded.

Newbies can check out Slate's Outsiders Guide to Star Wars, just a glossary of all the major characters and events, and poining out that accent = "bad guy".

Photoshop of the Moment
--"beepity beep whistle CRACK splat" by Chris from a Worth1000 Star Wars contest -- most of the other entries are clever mashups with different movies but I liked this one. (You know, I *just* got why it's called "Worth1000". Duhhr.)

Site of the Moment
Heh, someone from my UU church (who teaches a class I've gone to a few times) is starting I-Do-Yoga, yoga classes designed for people soon to be married, and the people around them. Interesting idea.