May 21, 2005
3 Seconds of "Warhol Fame" of the Moment

--Thanks to Rich B. who pointed out my Atari stuff got a mention in O'Reilly's new MAKE 'zine and did a fullpage scan. I'd been meaning to subscribe anyway...

Contented Sigh of the Moment
You know, having a laptop with a wireless 'Net connection is great, it's such a luxury to putter away the morning online in bed.

Techie note: I've grown more fond of "Hibernate" vs "Suspend" when not using my computer. In practice they're very similar, "Hibernate" means "take a snapshot of all memory, write it to disk, then shut off but put everything back when the computer is turned on" while Suspend just means "freeze and go into low-power mode". For some reason suspend was flakey on my aging desktop, but hibernate works great, especially because I switched it to "fast BIOS startup".

Incidentally you get the option for "Hibernate" by pressing "shift" after pulling up the "shutdown" option in Windows XP.