drinkin' rum and coca-cola...well....coca-cola anyway.

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May 22, 2005
Not much of an update today, kind of hectic schedule.

One random thought: I can't wait 'til the current cocacola promotion ends, the one that makes all the caps green. For one thing, it used to be much easier to tell the "with Lime" versions that I like so well apart from the normal types. Secondly of course, I never frickin' win free coke, despite the 1-in-12 odds...well, I did once...and of course the prize is "one liter", despite the fact that few places actually stock much between the 20oz and the 2 liters...I think it's all part of nefarious plot.

I guess that's just cosmic justice...at work we'll a bit too quick to exploit the way the machine will give two cans for the price of one. (But not bottles so the former always runs out before the latter.)

Quote of the Moment
I learned, never date a Jedi. It makes them crazy.
So many people are so down on this flick, even though most of the people I talk with think it was pretty good.