yet another star wars fan

May 24, 2005
Photo of the Moment
--from a sidebar gallery... I'm just amused by Leia with a Really Big Gun. Pistol Packin' Whoa Mama!

Misread of the Moment
"In E1 the Jedi are at the height of their power spiritually. For a thousand generations and all that...

They're quite able to see the future and deal with the occasional uppity bounty hunter. The sith, however, are quite a danger to them.

By E2, the force is waning for the Jedi. They're ambushed and killed by /droids/! Granted they're droids with the psi backing of both Dooku and possibly Sidious, so that's better than your average droid by far.

And in E3 they're decapitating themselves while trying to shave. Further sign that the force is /not/ with them."