"only imperial stormtroopers are so precise"

May 25, 2005
Photo of the Moment
-- via boingboing, more Star Wars fandom.

Ramble of the Moment
So for the past two nights with the storm blowing and trying to work its way into my drafy apartment I holed up in my bedroom; turning on the space heater, cranking up the laptop, burrowing into the covers. I had the video projector in there as well from previously where I had played some videogames this weekend in a similarly lazy mood. It reminded me of that Quentin Crisp quote about the benefits of one room living, and I thought about my old fantasy of condensing my life into one room. It would have to be a bigger room than that of course, and I'd have to really pare down my books and dvds and video games, and I would be hard pressed to have groups over for games or parties. And I guess from a status point of view, you definately risk looking more like a guy who can't maintain a "real place" when you live like that. But still the idea holds a deep appeal for me...actually it has for a while, I remember that section being the favorite part of the New House Book when I was a kid.

I guess there's a philosophy I have, an appreciation for the simplest and most elegant thing that gets the job done. Like cars, for instance, and I know the same idea influences my computer programming style. (Heck, there's a small chance that there's a common thread with my historical "thing" for petite women, though that's tied in with some level of historical coincidence.) When things are pared to the functional minimum, often you increase flexibility, but more to the point there's more room for the other "interesting" things in life.