mais non!

June 1, 2005
Man, I hate to sound like one of those "oh thank heavens for the BBC on WBUR" and going on and on about how myopic news coverage is in ths country, but I think France's recent "No" vote on the EU Constitution should be getting at least a little more attention on major US news outlets...

Video Games of the Moment
Making the rounds lately has been this Gamer's Manifesto, 20 things that most gamers would like to see with the new generation of games coming out. I didn't realize that there was a patent on games during loading seems really odd because the C=64 had that a long time ago, especially in the UK where they tended to use tape drives. I don't agree with the longing for better AI, really...I think realistic AI would make these games not too much fun, because who wants it to be like real war, when you never see it coming? Hardcore gamers might be longing for "serious" competition that might prep them for combat against real people, but for casual gamers, I think some enemy dumbness is appreciated.

The slashdot conversation on it had "Dun Malg" mentioned that a
7th-8th grade algebra teacher, complained to me last night, "They can't figure anything out on their own. Even their video games don't teach them problem solving. It's all 'jump-jump-squat', over and over again."
There's something to that. Video Games aren't as cognitively challenging as some gamers like to pretend.