quack quack waddle waddle!
quack quack waddle waddle!

May 31, 2005
Caption Contest of the Moment
--I know I said I was done with these but just got this over the weekend...can anyone think of a good caption?

Randomness of the Moment
I tried to google up this old McDondald's commercial, it had all these disappointed girlscouts cheering up their rain-filled time at camp with a trip to McD's, and they had a chant that went something like:

"We are Nippersinkers, we're in luck! If it rains all week, we'll pretend we're a duck! Quack quack waddle waddle! Quack quack waddle waddle!"

My family liked the chant and would come out with it at random times. I was never quite happy with it grammatically though, because it makes it sound like all the girls are going to pretend they're a single duck. (Some people suggest the line is "pretend you're a duck." Could be, I suppose.)

For Google I searched on "rains all week" "we're in luck" "quack quack waddle waddle". My favorite part of the search is where Google suggests Did you mean: "were in duck"...because that just makes so much more sense.