i've never seen a purple cow and i hope i never see one

June 3, 2005
Line of the Moment
"How about a soy milkshake?"
"Do you know what a soy cow says?
  A soy cow says 'meh.'"
--Today's Diesel Sweeties. I know it's "so 2002", but 'meh' is such a good word.

Thought of the Moment
A while back I was picking up Ksenia from Alewife station, and it struck me that there's something melancholy about all these people in cars waiting for their T-riders, and all these T-riders waiting for their person in a car to pick them up. Everyone has this kind of doleful look as they peer at each other..."are you the person I'm waiting for? -- no."

It seems like there should be some way of making a matchup service out of this, or something.