June 4, 2005
Windows Hints of the Moment
Sometimes when I'm doing a lot of file manipulation from a specific folder in Windows, I find it useful to have a shortcut that opens up that folder directly. However, when I right drag with the mouse and say "Create Shortcut Here" over the start button, it tends to creat an "inplace" alternate view of the current contents of the folder, in a grey pane of the Start menu itself. But that view is a lot harder to work with than a usual explorer window...I want to go to the folder IN explorer itself. The easiest way to do that seems to be to rightdrag "Create a shortcut" to the desktop, then regular drag and drop that onto the start button.

Another idea: I've been trying to sometimes use the two paned explorer view (right click on a file and hit "Explore") but folders aren't always to relocate even after they're this case sometimes it's useful to rightclick on the folder in the left pane, hit "Properties", go to "Customize", click "Change Icon"...the "power (|) symbol on a red button" icon is often covenient to click on here, and easy to pick out from back in Explorer.

Hope somebody finds this vageuly useful...