mmmm....cold porridge

June 6, 2005
Quote of the Moment
"In the end that's all we have: our memories - electochemical impulses stored in eight pounds of tissue the consistency of cold porridge. In the end they define our lives."
--Remembrance of the Daleks. (Hi Catherine!)

Stuff on Kirk's Camera, Day 1

--Thought this place was looking a little too texty lately, so I'd put up some digital photos. This is one bridge in--Randolph I think? the Canton Viaduct. It's very odd because the road passes right under it. Actually by GPS didn't even think it was a turn, which was a little disconcerting... dramatically lit day, however.

Article of the Moment
Slate slideshow on Basquiat and his place in the New York art scene. That movie really did do a lot to increase his recognizability I think, at least for people like me who were too young to remember that part of the 1980s.