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June 7, 2005
Video of the Moment
Huh...I guess this has already made the rounds, especially in Europe, but somehow I completely missed it...the Crazy Frog Axel F video (WARNING: contains tiny little froggy dingle.)...the core is that old Insanity Test sound of a guy imitating a 2-stroke engine, but this video takes it into all sorts of really strange and compelling places. Insanely entertaining.

I guess this is that ringtone that's a huge hit in Europe, though I'm not sure if the ringtone is just the guy or the guy plus the tune. Of course, using the same ringtone that everyone else is is a bit counter productive in the "is that my phone or yours?" sense.

Stuff on Kirk's Camera, Day 2
Here comes the bride...

Still coming...

But wait there's more!

Yeesh! Nothing succeeds like excess, I guess...sometimes it's really odd living across from a church.

Rant of the Moment
I was thinking about including a profanity-laced rant about the recent Supreme Court ruling against Medical Marijuana but I decided to try to keep down the cussing. So...jeez, what is up with this? This from the court who has bent over backwards three ways from Sunday to keep up states rights over that of the federal government? I mean heaven forfend some seriously ill people might have a little FUN along with managing their illness. Thank heavens we can keep our jails filled to the brim with bajillions of marijuana offenders. Such a good plan. I am filled with delight at my tax dollars, LOTS of them, being used to keep these guys where they belong...I'd hate to think of someone having a joint without the risk of the man laying the legal smackdown right on their head.

The Supreme Court. Idiots. Prudes. Puritanical megalomaniacs who will put their own twisted and bent sense of dour morality ahead of the good of the people, outright, unabashed two face hypocrites who will trumpet states rights right up to the point people might do something that might make them frown.

The feds. "Oh, jeez, if these AIDS and brain cancer patients start having a little weed....that's a slippery slope! There's no way we can enforce any drug law then!Anrachy! Dope fiends on every corner! Opium dens next to every McDonalds! Dogs and cats, living together!"