maggie's nipples

June 15, 2005
Quote of the Moment
Perhaps for our last words on the subject of usage we should turn to the last words of the venerable French grammarian Dominique Bonhours, who proved on his deathbed that a grammarian's work is never done when he gazed about those gathered loyally around him and whispered: 'I am about to -- or I am going to -- die; either expression is used.'
--Bill Bryson, "Mother Tongue" -- a truly delightful read, a short history of where English has been, where it is now, and where it might go from here. Easily in the top two or three books I've read this year.
He mentioned a city in Wyoming called "Maggie's Nipples", though I think there's the chance it has since changed it name, or something. But what an idea! Man, I can't help but think those must be some amazingly inspirational nipples, to merit being the name of the place, right up there with Helen of Troy launching 1000 ships, but sexier.

Animation of the Moment

--Been a few days since I've had an image here, so I thought I'd post this animation of Penn (that I guess already made the rounds) urging people to be quiet.