hot tuesday

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June 14, 2005
Dialog of the Moment
"For over 1000 generations, organic food like us lived in harmony with the ways of the farm..."
"The farm?"
"Yes, Cuke. The farm is what gives us our power. It's a kind of a... field. That creates all edible things."
--Obi Wan Cannoli and Cuke Skywalker in a very clever and Organic Foods propaganda movie Store Wars. The stormtrooper eggs were very clever. Heh heh, "kind of a... field".

Update of the Moment
The other week I posted a photo of a dramtically lit bridge-like structure, turns out it's the Canton Viaduct that even has its own website. It's "one of the two oldest surviving multiple arch stone railroad bridges still in active mainline use in the United States" and supposedly has some twin structures in Russia. Like I said, it's a little disconcerting how the road just veers under it. It reminds me a bit of this Roman Bridge in Portugal.

Reproductive Rights of the Moment
Slate on how Italy is providing us a lesson-by-example on what happens when rightwing-prolifers get control over in vitro fertilization. (They already pointed out that prolifers probably have mixed feelings about mixing it up with the millions of people who have tried IVF.)