chicken in the car and the car won't go (backlog flush #55)

June 23, 2005
Science of the Moment
Wired up to a scanner, they were asked to play a game involving navigating through a complicated bunker, killing attackers and rescuing hostages.

Mathiak found that as violence became imminent, the cognitive parts of the brain became active and that during a fight, emotional parts of the brain were shut down.

The pattern was the same as that seen in subjects who have had brain scans during other simulated violent situations.
So in other words, "the pattern seen during the simulations of violence was the same as that seen during simulations of violence." I guess there is SOME science here, it's interesting that, much like a dream, you don't need full holodecks to convince the brain "this is real, sorta", but still that's not what the press is picking up on.

Anyway, on with the usual backlog flush: