chicken in the car and the car won't go (backlog flush #56)

June 24, 2005
Still in Chicago...going to spend the weekend here.

UPDATE: My class at Macrovision (boo, hiss, but it's just about the Installshield I swear) has pop (not soda, here) at 25 cents a can which by my calculatin' is "practically free". One of the offerings is called "Deja Blue" -- "Purified Drinking Water Non-Carbonated". There's something somwhow disconcerting about drinking flat water from a bubbles, and not a tea or a juice.

Also, Chicago has a weird habit of putting up a bunch of coin-only tolls with non of the booths staffed, so if you don't have change you're out of luck. So be warned.

Oh, and I watched the Spurs beat the Pistons last night, the second half of that game. I was kind of rooting for both teams...the Pistons because Detroit as a city is kind of down and its luck and I think need something like this more, the Spurs because...well, it's nifty to see white people still able to do something on an NBA team. That Ginobili guy from Argentina seemed pretty cool. (I think I thought he was Italian or something...) He looks like a tall, drawn out Balky from "Perfect Strangers".