chicago photos - random

July 4, 2005
Some very random photos from a recent trip to Chicago:

Chicago doesn't wait for the 4th to have fireworks:

Carousel at the Navy Pier:

Finally, a billboard from a "coming soon" storefront at that big Woodfield Mall in Schaumberg:

Why is it here? Well...I've never liked cursive letters much. It's always so awkward, how every letter is supposed to end in a way that the next one can pick up without a break. And 'z' is one of the worst. It's like some guy was assigned the task of coming up with uppercase and lowercase cursive letters for the whole alphabet, had some that came out ok, a few flops (like G and Q especially) and is THIS close to being left to go...z...'gah, I have no idea,' he thinks, 'whatever....a little squiggle, a twist, a loop....DONE! I'm calling it a day.'