so unlike anything, don't you know, if you know what i mean.

July 19, 2005
Quote of the Moment
"If you come to think of it, what a queer thing life is! So unlike anything, don't you know, if you know what I mean."
--P.G. Wodehouse. Via yesterday's Boston Globe "Sidekick". The "Sidekick" is an interesting idea, a small section like the "Weekender" insert (or whatever they call it) where they put daily happenings as well as the stuff from the comics page. On the one hand, it is a more covenient form factor, and I like not having to search so much for the comics. On the other hand, it feels like I'm reading a more tabloid-y newpaper, and it forces me to admit to myself that I mostly check out the Globe for the comics. (I remember reading how shocked newspapers were that one of the reasons young people don't subscribe is simply they don't want that much raw material coming into their house and possibly piling up. Seemed like a very natural concern to me!)