Gripe of the Moment
To some fanfare, has made its website videos free. In general, that's not a big plus for can't skim a video spot and it certainly has a lower information/time ratio than any written article. My gripe is that they don't have a special icon for video links, just the word "Watch:" which isn't much of an indicator, especially for the second link on the line it applies to. If I'm expecting an article, the video popup is a disapointment. (Plus, I tend to shift-click stories to get a new window, and that breaks their javascript. You would think a site like CNN would get someone who knew something about web UI.)

CNN is my default news source online. Google News just seems a bit hit or miss for me.

Quote of the Moment
It takes a Long time to count to '2' in Binary.

Article of the Moment
Slate's Fred Kaplan on the motivation of terrorists. It has more to do with classic struggle for homeland liberation. The implication at the end is interesting...the uprising in Iraq isn't just "Insurgents vs the USA", it's "Sunni Insurgents vs the Shiite government / USA partnership".

Dang, I just read a reference that 3 months before the latest Iraq war, Bush didn't know about the whole Sunni/Shiite thing. He just knows that they hate us because they hate freedom.

Hail to the chief.

Israel of the Moment
Bush appoints Chris Israel as "Piracy Czar" I gotta say, this is the first time I remember reading about a guy with the last name of "Israel" in the news. Heheheh...wonder if he's jewish. ("Not that it matters.")