six o'clock comes early, and so does death.

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August 3, 2005
Openings and Links of the Moment
"So you see" concluded Lance "there are certain things that every woman regardless of personal situation should do at least once in their lives and I am foremost amongst these things."
--Hywel Curtis, from the latest Bulwer-Lytton contest. I have to admit, reading the winners was more of a chore than anything else. Too many of them don't sound like any kind of opening, nearly all of them are too long, and multiple entries outside the "Vile Pun" category end with Vile Puns.

Luckily there is an anecdote...err,antidote...the Lyttle Lytton contest. Very well chosen, with interesting commentary for nearly all the entries. It produced today's entry title. ("Author unknown"...the submitter wrote "Credit belongs to the 'poet' cousin of an old college friend, who used to leave gems like this scribbled on sheets of scrap paper scattered around her apartment".)