crrrrrackk BOOOOOM

August 2, 2005
For people in the western Boston 'Burbs there was a fantastic thunderstorm last night.

Its been so long since I've seen something like that, maybe it's been relatively quiet thunderstorm-wise for the past few years.

I remember there was once a big one when I was in first or second grade, but somehow I slept through it. My teacher, a nun, told me that it must be because I was so good and innocent or something, but even then I had a neurotic enough theology that I didn't feel that innocent.

But thunderstorms are by their nature a humbling much power and noise and light, almost completely out of human control.

Article of the Moment
Slate on Hollywood's Death Spiral. The big problem for them seems to be the decreasing window between the "Only in Theaters!" time and when you can go pick it up from Best Buy. I'm always amazed by the factoid that theaters make most of their money at the concession stand...(Especially when tickets cost like $10 per person.) It's like I can "stick it to the man" just by avoiding their absurdly sized drinks and bags of greasy popcorn.

And after buying that video projector last year...not that I have the full "home cinema" feel, but it's really nice to have such a big picture to look at. Right now Ksenia and I are on a "Sex in the City" kick... a good blend of "chick-flick" with a dab of sex and skin now and then. But kicking back and watching 2 or 3 episodes at a pop is a great luxury.