August 10, 2005
You know, these days my brain feels...stickier than I remember it feeling in the past. The "context switches" feel less clean, when I spend some time in an immersive activity it can taint what I do next. Last night I read some Usenet...haven't done that in a while. (Though I still giggle at it being "like Tetris for people who still know how to read.") I read soc.history.what-if last night, some neat "alternate history" stuff. And then I hop over to the Patriots newsgroup, and...I dunno. This anecdote doesn't have a clever point, it's just suddenly reading about Ty Law's motivations in signing with the Jets feels kind of the same as reading about all those old WW2 generals, and it takes me a moment to shake that off.

A new phenomenon, the sign of premature senility brought on by too many diet cokes? Or maybe I'm just more aware of it...or maybe it's a weird can lead to the surprising insights and newly revealed insights that tend to seperate human creativity from mere machine-like calculation.

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