stop it with the shoes!

August 16, 2005
Hmm, I guess a more lesiurely morning schedule is a boon to the remembering of dreams...the "Pirats vs Ninjas" I wrote about in the sidebar, yesterday I was going back in time and coping with a new timeline where Ksenia's mom had her youngest son much earlier, and this morning I was at a big dorm-based church thing and stopping people from throwing shoes at my grandmother. I think most of the people were black and I was worried it was going to become a "racial" thing.

Been pretty quiet on the comments here lately...Dog Days slump, or has been dreadfully boring? I thought some of the links were cool.

Dialog of the Moment
"The Russian doesn't want to have kids. Had one a long time ago. He's done."
"Well, then, doe-svee-don-yah or however you say it."
"What? No! For you maybe, but not for me."
"Don't you want to have the option?"
"Well, yes. But it is my experience that men like him don't come along that often."
"But we're 38! These are the years."
"Yes, I know, I've heard. I'm running out of time. I don't even have time to eat this cookie."
"How is it?"
"It's so good I forgot to have children."
--Carrie and Charlotte, "Sex And The City". Laughed out loud at the last line. Ksenia are winding up probably today with the final DVD of the series.

Prudes of the Moment explaining why there's so little sex in the movies. Jeez, it feels like movies in the 2000s are getting the same treatment comics did in the 1950s...all for the sake of the damn kids.

I wonder if some of this is counter-acted with the trend for "unrated director's cut!" that a lot of lowbrow movies are going for these days.

Well, at the risk of revealing what a crude vulgarian I truly am, I will state that I am much likely to spend my DVD dollars and films I suspect will show a little skin.