Having Internet connectvity problems so I'm prewriting this the day before, just as a hedge against not being able to get back online.

Poltical Potshot of the Moment
I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees.
President Bush being wrong.
Look just because "paying attention to the world outside your agenda" isn't your strong suit, Mr. President, doesn't mean you speak for everyone.

Followup: and please stop feeding us that this is a "Perfect Storm" type coincidence of events. It's not. Katrina veered off the city proper, and lots of people could say: it won't just be overflow, there very well might be a break. "Ultracatastrophe", feh.

What I REALLY wonder about; what is the motivation of the people taking potshots at rescue helicopters? Idiots looking for a thrill? Lawbreakers who somehow prefer anarchy to the attempts to keep order? Paranoids who think the copters are out to get them? Sadists who dig human suffering? Stark raving loonies? People mad that they weren't earlier on some list to get aid? Seriously, there has to be SOME kind of reason, as reprehensible as it might be. (FOLLOWUP: not sure if it answers "why helicopters" but the mayor thinks desperate drug addicts are a big part of the problem right now.)

Snappy Comeback of the Moment
"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"
"Sure we are, you can go ahead and get out..."
Came up with a pretty useful answer to a facetious question, but Ksenia wasn't amused so very much by it.