I've been thinking about what my perfect "TODO" program would look like. Recently I reorganized the Todo category on my Palm, taking a cue from David "Getting Things Done" Allen's "What's on my Palm" article. (It used to be a simple webpage, now they made it a crappy PDF "free download" that you have to "Add To Cart" and go through a full checkout process to get. Way to be customer-friendly there, guys.)

The general idea is organizing tasks largely by where they need to get done, and then segregating out the "maybe/somedays". So I have categories There's also "Someday/Maybe" and a few legacy categories that are usually just a different flavor of "Someday". He also suggests a category for big projects that have multiple subtasks, but I haven't started to follow that approach yet.

The native Palm Todo definately isn't my ideal. For instance, I'd like to view all tasks in all categories on a single page, but when I do that on Palm it gives no indication what the category for each task is. There are some other shortfalls as well, including poor integration with a datebook. Here's what would make up an ideal TODO app for me: I guess that's about it. Dang, this got to be a long and rather eccentric entry, I hope some percentage of the regulars find it at least skim-worthy. Feel free to chime in with your counterpoints or new ideas. I'm not sure if I'll ever get to doing this, or what language I should write it in...maybe one of those specialty simple Form-based languages for Palm?

UPDATE:13 years later and I'm still thinking about this