when you're really good, they call you cracker jack

October 18, 2005
Cracker Jack Prize of the Moment
Too clever to just discard but not really worth keeping, I decided to make an online version of this Cracker Jack prize:

(Click To Rotate...)

It's an optical trick I hadn't seen before. (There might be a slight delay the first time you click.)

I used to be kind of mad at Cracker Jack, given that their "toy surprise" was always something flat and cardboard. (Though I've gotten some decent stickers from 'em once or twice.) Now I realize part of the problem might be that the FDA has a stick-up-its-butt "no toys in food" guideline...that's why we can't get Kinder Surprise Eggs here, outside of import shops.

FWIW, I put together a decent little image swap in Javascript...it doesn't preload the images but it's nicely resuable, because the IMG tag carries all the information. View source if you're interested.

Covers of the Moment
ASME's Top 40 Magazine Covers Of The Past 40 Years...some good stuff there, with fullsize scans. Whoops -- try this version instead.