crazy as a rocket, nothin' in my pocket, i keep it at the rainbow's end

Novelty News of the Moment
I saw this on CNN before it got boingboing'd: Bush's pockets are darn near empty. Nothing but a handkerchief, 'cause he has underlings to take care of all that stuff. Now, I have no idea if that's pretty much par for the course for man in his role or not, but it highlights the difference between "them" and "us", much like when his father expressed wonderment at a supermarket scanner back in the early '90s. (Though that may have been greatly exagerated.)

Grassroots Action of the Moment
So I guess this guy sued Netflix because the "unlimited rentals" they advertise are actually capped in the fine they have this bogus upgrade program, where everyone who was a member gets bumped up one simultaneous rental. But it seems like the bump (which people have to pay for after the first month if they forget to put it back) is mostly to help Netflix pay for the outrageous $2.5-frickin'-million the lawyers are getting from this. Two and a half million!

I guess if enough people opt-out, like 5%, the thing is cancelled, which is what NetflixSettlementSucks is trying to promote. I'd suggest eligible people opt-out, it seems like a deal that stinks like diseased whale carcass.

FoSO pointed out the non-automatic cancel would be pretty evil, but I think it's Netflix just disseminating the evil of the lawyers who set this up. Burn in hell, scumbags, you're what makes the system break down.