um, well, guns do kill people, actually

Quote of the Moment
I don't know. I can't answer that yet. I'm too busy. I'll have to talk to you later.
James Glieck mentioned his phone response to a newspaper editor who tried calling him where he was holed up...Glieck was pointing out how the phone just demands attention, even when we're engaged in a standoff with guns and teargas, though after reading that description of Unruh, I don't think he's representative. (He's also still alive and in an institution...he's one of the first really known cases of post-traumatic stress disorder.)

Doodle of the Moment
--Venus Flytrap. I've been playing around with a new cartoon digital art technique, drawing the outline with a thick brush and then using the same tool to "paint" in the color manually. (I made up the "style" while using this Palm Pilot app that didn't have "fill".) I keep thinking I should go back to early kisrael's use of random cartoons...I guess I kind of stopped when I started putting up those dumb t-shirt pix.

Observation of the Moment
Looking at today's, one year ago today was the presidential election. Seems like longer than that somehow.

S'funny that only now are a lot of people waking up to how bad so much of our national policy has been for the last 5 years. Who knows, maybe if Kerry hadn't been such a limp dishrag.

Essay of the Moment
Slashdot linked to a Slate essay on Star Wars as Postmodern, self-referential art. The central idea is that the Force is a stand-in for the artistic drive; the light side is the more free, muse-driven style, the dark side is the more cold and calculating approach. Interesting idea. (Hmm, though someone on the slashdot discussion points out the argument is severely weakended by how the Jedis are always instructing each other to control their emotions, and the Sith are all about tearing up the place with anger.)