trade ya!

I was watching that show "Wife Swap". Whew. They really find the extremes of American families, and then throw 'em together...the huntin' hillbillies with the Confederate flags paired with the PETA, vegan, raw-food, maybe-we-can-even-just-live-on-sunlight hippy... pretty compelling. Of course, they don't show anything about the "traditional" meaning of wife-swapping, which would be whole new levels of weirdness.

After that shows was Monday Night Football, which is actually why the TV was on. Musta been like the fourth or fifth episode of MNF I've seen this year, and I just realized that the whole "auto-assembly" theme to the intro might have something to do with the Superbowl being in Detroit this year.


Only been to Detroit once, and my observation about the city is this: it hosts the most grueling Thanksgiving Parade I've ever marched in.

Comic and Link of the Moment

--Yet another set of Stupid Comics from back in the day. If you're in a hurry, just check out this page, especially the bit at the end about the haikus.

Politics of the Moment had some articles about the changing landscape in DC: Bush's new line about I Was Wrong, but So Were You replacing his "We're always right" approach, and a Christopher Hitchens about gullibility. The final paragraph of that article is the most relevant, because it's the first to pose the question, usually begged, was invasion was the best and/or only way to keeping Saddam and his desire for WMD in check? I still hold that cranking up the inspections and giving them military teeth would have made for a safer regional and global situation. We're now obligated to stand guard at a house of cards that we ourselves made. There was human suffering under Saddam, there's human suffering with the war and terrorist incidents after Saddam.

Marketing of the Moment
Piece on name letter branding...people respond positively to brand names that share letters with their own. Seems likely enough to me..."K"s and "R"s have always seemed like the "coolest" (or is that "koolest") letters to me, I love how sharp and angular Ks can be.