well hungover

Bad Literary Bit of the Moment
Cleaning out myh office before our relocation, I found this story start in curisive on a "Rational University" sheet of lined paper:
Lydia sat in the diner. Her eggs^and coffee suddenlyno longer looked unappealing. She Usually a good dose of caffeine and grease was just the thing for hangovers, but today she this morning she couldn't stomach it.

She asked Well, the bacon was pretty good, two ^dark unbending strips. She finished her bacon while catching the waitress' attention for the check.

The sun outside pounded into her head.

Celebrity Fitness of the Moment
He told me he didn't count reps, instead just doing four sets until exhaustion. "I don't want to get too big. I'm a comedian," he said. Joe Piscopo, he explained, is a warning sign to weightlifting comedians. Piscopo, really, is a warning sign for non-weightlifting comedians too. In fact, you can replace the animal in any of Aesop's Fables with "Joe Piscopo" and it still works.

Acronym of the Moment
--via The Sexy Name Decoder...you can get your name done and order T-shirts and other schwag. I'm completely stunned by the cleverness of their name generation algorithm.