san andreas, no fault

November 30, 2005
Map of the Moment

--This is a shrunk-down version Ian Albert's map of the entire layout of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For a video game it's a huge amount of continuous area, and Ian Albert's map is 6,000 pixels on a side. From Ian Albert's San Andreas page (which includes other useful views), plus he has mapped some other games as well. It's kind of a cool little hobby. The DOOM I + II maps, in 3/4 perspective, are many of those levels I learned by "feel" (turn left, run straight, left again, right) that seeing them, with all the graphical detail that the in-game overhead maps lack, really lets me "see" them for the first time. (Thanks LAN3 who IM'd me with the first map, and then put the link in the comments the other day.)

Embarrasing Admission of the Moment
"I'm the total package: all the lurp, none of the unpleasant smell."
(presenting myself as a lurpy but good smelling guy)
<filter type="eww" severity="mild" instructions="highlight with mouse to read"> --Something I wrote down 6 years ago yesterday. Lurpy in the sense of a little big and ungainly...but generally free of offensive B.O. For a while I thought it was because I'm not particularly hairy as far as guys go (well, besides the fact I'm generally under-exercised) but lately I realized it might be because of my tendency to sweat from my head; my mom says even when I was a baby she couldn't put a hat on me because my head would get so hot. So, while headsweat isn't particularly attractive, at least it's not associated with unpleasant smells.</filter>