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December 1, 2005
Potential Travesty of the Moment
Recently recovered from a slashdotting, the stories of the Superman movies that never were are almost scary in how little they care for the traditional story of Superman...the most telling quote is they wanted something "sans the tights and more Matrix-like." I've read some of the comics, and there's so much potential in talking about how this outsider with godlike powers deal with it and his relationships with mere mortals...and he's so iconic...those descriptions are just weird. And a bit longwinded. Same with the "detail analysis" of those other movies, they're really blow by blow descriptions of terrible movies...funny, but long.

Moving On of the Moment
Today was my last day at Taxware. I'm a bit sadder than I expected.

At the risk of sounding creepy, I assembled a list of coworkers I could think of by name, and it was larger than I thought. Plus I did memory-aiding "personal descriptions"...there were more "really sharp"s than I expected. I don't know if I chronically tend to underestimate the compentence around me, or have a low self image that makes everyone else seem better, or if it was just that good of a place to work.

Three and a half years....7/8 as long as either high school or college! But of course those feel much longer, the general speeding up effect. Though if perceived passing of time is coorelated to the emotional impact of that time...well, maybe in some weird way I should be grateful to Mo and the divorce for slowing some of that down for me.

Of course it's all mixed up in how Taxware is changing its office space at the same time. It's just very unsettling all around.