a prayer for tuesday

December 13, 2005
Prayer of the Moment
"God, grant me the ability to remember those who love me. For those who do not love me, turn their hearts. And if you can't turn their hearts, turn their ankles, so I'll know by their limping."
--"CivilWarMan"'s sig on this StarDestroyer.net thread, though obviously it might have orginated elsewhere.

Edumacation of the the Moment
See the Alphabet Evolve right before your very eyes!

Sad to say, I can't even hear the word "education" on the radio without mentally transforming it to a Simpsons-esque "Edumacation".

Idle Chat of the Moment
In other news...how is everyone? Haven't heard much on the comments section lately.

The new job is a little stressful but I'm starting to get a grip on things I think. A high-pressure job does make one re-evaluate life priorities. I really need to get that stuff together, and maybe even try to get some goals. They're not pushy about it but my family thinks I should get some more edumacation education... my Uncle has been the bluntest about it, just thinks that graduating with top honors from a good school is kind of a waste if it ends there. I dunno... interviewing techies, many with Masters, has made me kind of disenchanted with it, since the pool of Masters-ed-up folks seems about as full of bozos as the general population.

Then I'm going through classic early-30s "is this kind of career tech stuff what I want to be doing with my life?" questioning. To which the answer is... "well, no, of course not, but it's much much harder to make a living pursuing your hobbies."

I daydream about a lateral career change--something more graphic and create, but I'm not sure what.

And then other life things. How do I feel about trying to get in a situation where I could have a kid? Do I want it only because of pressure of society, as something that "should be done", and/or a fear of missing a window of opportunity? Do I not want it just because I like life being the "me" show, or am I too anxiety-prone to pull it off well, or do I have legitimate concern about bringing someone into a world that seems teetering on the edge of a thousand different giant disasters?

Does this kind of ambivalence about having children, feeling I should weigh the pros and cons, indicate that I shouldn't go for it, or is it totally normal and healthy? (Or does it turn into the "wife's decision anyway", like I've heard?)


At any rate, I know one thing I should do to improve my life: bring in my damn wireless mouse to work. I think using a touchpad 24/7 at home and at work cranks up my stress level a bit, the things are ok but ultimately add just a dollop of friction to my online life everytime I use one.

Oh, and I really got to get moving on getting Christmas Gifts for my family...