keep some sunshine on yo face

December 14, 2005
"See I lived through hardtimes before,  people talkin bout these is hardtimes.  HARDTIMES was waaaay back, and it was...they didn't even have a year for it, just called it 'hardtimes'.  It was dark ALL the time.  I think the sun came out on Wednesday.  And if you didn't have your @$$ up early, you missed it!  So I happened to be out there one Wednesday, and the sun hit me right in the face, and I grabbed a bunch of it - rubbed it all over myself.  Cuz shyt, I ain't have nothin else.  Said 'Shyt, I might as well have some sun on my face.'  And, as time went on, I remembered it was Thursday.  I said, 'Damn, that sun was a bytch.  That's why they didn't want us to have none of it.'  Cuz it cheer u up inside, you see. 

......... didn't ask to come to this muthaf#*%@, and you sure can't choose how to leave.  Cuz you don't know when u gon go, so don't take this shyt serious.  You better have some fun, and plenty of it.  Cuz when the shyt old and you ask for a recharge, it's too late.  So all I can say is, keep some sunshine on yo face."

--Richard Pryor's character "Mudbone". Last night Comedy Central was replaying a tribute to Richard Pryor from a few years ago, with a lot of old footage. (Ironically, the tribute was called "Richard Pryor: I Ain't Dead Yet, #*%$#@!!"). It ended with this monologue. I cold only find it one place online, and even then I had to dig through the internals of Google's cache, but I kind of like this font-astic version of it.