twisty thing, that is red

December 17, 2005
Links Etc. of the Moment
Bill the Splut has had some interesting links not too long ago... Baby Bush Toys was worth a grin...I especially like the simplifed Rubic's Cube (aka "Twisty Thing, That is Red") on their Products Page.

But even better was the page on a new scientific theory, Incompetent Design...basically, there are too many kludges and misjudgments in the construction of our bodies to really accept a theory of intelligent the designer must be rather bumbling. Or as a new song puts it (sung to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic":)
My bones proclaim a story of incompetent design.
My back still hurts, my sinus clogs, my teeth just won't align.
If I had drawn the blueprint, I would cer-tain-ly resign.
Incompetent Design!
Heh heh. Hello Captain Appendix!

In related news, it looks like it might have been a single small genetic mutation 20K-50K years ago that essentially "caused" white people.

There are ways this kind of finding can be misused...I'm sure some racist is going to propose a gentic test to determine if someone is white or black "for real". (And given the broad pallette of complexions I've seen, it seem kind of weird to think it could ever be considered a "boolean" thing.)