speak and spell

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January 8, 2006
I was over at Miller's last night for a birthday party with an element of boardgaming. We played the new "Turbo" edition of Cranium...didn't seem quite as good as the original despite the addition of a little electronic timer doodad and "dice roll" combo.

My "shadow dyslexia" came into play, though, with this one puzzle of "Team Gnilleps", where teammaters had to spell words backwards, alternating letters. I was weirdly terrible at it...there'd be a word like astrophysics, and all I had to say was "a" to finish it off, and I came up with "r"...and I made a similar mistake, again throwing in an "r" where it didn't belong. It's so odd...I'm ok with spelling, I have a decent head for detail...it was a little disconcerting, actually.

Truism of the Moment
"I know... I hear what I want to hear."
"And then you say it."
--Me and FoSOSO...he's right on, I do have this comedy bit where if I hear something incorrectly, realize it, but find what I originally heard funny, I will try to milk that for a laugh.