no grounds for divorce

January 9, 2006
Speaking of coffee ground (well, I was a few days ago anyway)...I keep thinking back to this weird 50s ad for a (presumably grounds-free) coffeemaker pitched at housewives...the big bold headline was "NO GROUNDS FOR DIVORCE!" and it still sticks in my head to this day as a particularly gruesome bit of threatening misogyny. "C'mon ladies...make that cofee RIGHT so he doesn't dump your sorry ass!"

Quote of the Moment
"There aren't evil guys and innocent guys. It's just... It's just... It's just a bunch of guys."
--Steve Arlo in "Zero Effect". I first saw it paraphrased as "You realize... there aren't any 'good guys' and 'bad guys'... there are just... just a bunch of guys?" which reads a bit better.

It's about shades of grey in videogames (I hear you see a lot of that in "Shadow Of The Colossus"...) Also, it kind of makes you wonder, if AI gets really detailed. and you start getting AIs that have learned from their environment past experience, so you can't just clone an exact karmic duplicate...will it ever be enough to give the moral gamer pause, not because of the "real world" victim it represents, but because of what it is by itself?

Dirty Rotten Spammers of the Moment
Sigh, the bastards are still at it, trying to fill up the old comments on this site with tons of retarded SPAM links...luckily the fairly simplistic filters I made still work pretty well...there were some posts that might have been "testing the waters" and didn't have links and then it's only comments with links that need any scrutiny. I've had to add
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The Spammers are grabbing text from somewhere to look less suspicious to a script...sometimes with amusing results:
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