do what you do. love what you love.

Article of the Moment
Here's some food for thought...the ever-wise Paul Graham on How To Do What You Love.

I'm having a hard time with that kind of stuff now. Right now, job-stress is really twisting up my life; cranky and extraordininarily demanding clients, a technology base that's always a moving target, never having time to sit and learn... there are parts of it I do love, but the other parts seem really dangerous. Combined with this other, independent project I've been contacted with to work on during my freetime....something with huge memesphere potential, but would probably require me mastering a few new technologies...ugh.

I so should have taken a few months of hiatus.

I kind of feel like I'm biding my time before I finally get around to moving to some place where I don't feel so swamped by the seasons, but then again, I think I need some kind of stronger kick in the seat of the pants than that to do anything about.