you've lost that lovin' filling...

January 26, 2006
Went to the dentist this morning. Things went well...despite a number of fillings from back in the day, my teeth seem strong. So like I said to the dentist, that must mean I'm lucky to have gotten my dad's teeth (my mom has had a number of problems.) He responded with "well, is he going to want them back?" I like my dentist, so I decided not to kick a hoary old chestnut while it's down by saying "Hmm, I don't think so, he died when I was a teenager, guess he won't be needing them so very much."

Snipes of the Moment
Technically there are 55 Republicans in the Senate, but that's not counting their favorite shill Joe Lieberman. He's a Democrat because...well...he's from Connecticut. And he's Jewish. But Lieberman has spent his time since "losing" to Bush/Cheney in 2000 spooning the White House and attempting to inoculate their increasingly insane policies from legitimate criticism. Resembles Tex Avery cartoon character Droopy Dog in voice, demeanor, and spinelessness.
--The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005. Heh, Droopy Dog...THAT'S who I've been thinking of. I thought he was a terrible choice of a running mate in 2000. (Link via Bill the Splut.)

Cartoons of the Moment

--Gipper, the Talking Points Duck. (Also via Bill) Man, Mallard Fillmore is so bad. And it looks like the Globe added another conservative political shill comic, Prickly City. Clinton jokes, how fresh!