a timeless quality

February 22, 2006
Factoid of the Moment
"January and February were the last two months to be added to the Roman calendar, since the Romans originally considered winter a monthless period."
--from the Wikipedia entry for "February" (I was double checking the spelling in Google.) Man, that idea creeps me out...a monthless period, just a...count of days I guess? It's so...non-geekish, I guess I'd say. Ad hoc. Here's more on the Roman calendar.

Radio of the Moment
--Ksenia was after me to get a radio for the kitchen, and was very happy with this cheap one I got from Best Buy... I didin't notice what a smile it has 'til she mentioned... kind of a big happy bug.

Sacrifice of the Moment
A very moving description of the funeral and rites for Corporal Brett Lundstrom, the first member of the Oglala Sioux to die in Iraq. Captivating reading, not emotionally easy to get through.