February 23, 2006
Line of the Moment
blogha and I retreated to the Fleabag Arms, where I'd have welcomed finding a dead hooker in the mattress as it would have made the bed more comfortable.
That is a great line, I've been at hotels like that, but the worst I've found was a kind of disgusting business-y buttdown (err, 'buttondown', thanks LAN3) shirt inside a foldout bed. (sQ trip to Pittsburgh, 1996 or '97)

Art of the Moment
A video of the History of the Amen Break, a 60s drum riff that's been resampled and repurposed all over the place. If what the guy is saying is true...I'm surprised, frankly, I thought with drum machines you could make up many new rhythms that would sound about as good. Plus, some of the samples he plays...I can barely tell it came from the same source. Still, a fun listen.

Bad News of the Moment
Gunmen Execute 47 Factory Workers in Iraq. Wow, they might be going from the "1776" to the "1861" stage in a hurry.

I still wonder if Saddam knew more about how to run Iraq as a single entity than we do. Not that it justifies committing atrocities, but still. I still think an alternate history where Saddam didn't invade Kuwait might have made life easier for the world, if not for certain ethnic groups and dissidents in Iraq.