dc redux day 1

February 26, 2006
So I'm back in DC this week. Decided I'd wait 'til now to post my photos from last time.

You could see the top of the Washington Monument from my hotel room...

Now, Ksenia likes one of these shots and I like the other one better.

So if people are bored, on the comments, write your guess and opinion:

Which one does Kirk like best?

Which one do you like best?

Mascots of the Moment
--I kind of missed hearing about Neve the Snowball and Gliz the Icecube, mascots of the Torino Olympics. I think each Olympics having its own Mascots is kind of cute...it would be fun to make a videogame with them all fighting it out. Here and here are some more, including my favorite Cobi from Barcelona. Harder to get information about the Winter Olympic mascots, though Powder, Copper, and Coal were kind of cute. (Guess they can't stop at just one anymore.)