da da da

March 9, 2006
Link of the Moment
Dada! Go get you some culture.

Typo of the Moment
Link harvester sites are getting both a bit weird and also more professinal looking. I was thinking about seeing if I should grab the logical typo for kisrael.com, namely kisreal.com, but I see it's been grabbed. "For resources and information on Jewish and Radio Station". I think I first read that as Jewish Radio Stations, but the like of grammar only makes it a touch more weird.

I dunno, does "kisreal" sound like call letters? I know stations start with W here in the east, and K out in the west, but I'm not sure about the Middle East.

Product of the Moment
Very oddly romantic... Hi-Tech Long Distance Wine Glasses, that use glowing lights to indicate when the other one is held and lifted up for a drink, so people can kind of stay in touch and have a sense of togetherness as they drink wine. Or something.

That's a little bit Dada-esque actually. But only just a bit. Maybe more surreal.